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Dir en grey concert!!

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Aug. 10th, 2007 | 10:17 pm
location: Home
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Dir en grey - Disabled Complexes

So I was at the Dir en grey concert in Copenhagen, Denmark and it was awesome! They were really good live. ^_^

First my friends and I took the train to Denmark and then we waited outside the venue for 3 hours. We ordered Pizza while we were waiting, because we hadn’t gotten much food that day. When we got inside I bought two t-shirts at the merchandise stand before entering the concert hall. We got really good spots, I was at the second row at first, then in the front and I had a really good view of the stage.  

Fair to Midland played first and they were ok. The singer was just spinning around and he looked funny when he jumped down from the right speaker.  Their music was average, but still nice.

After they played it took about a half an hour before Dir en grey entered the stage. They looked amazing. I stood a bit to the right so I saw Die the best and also Kyo in the middle. 

Kyo was turned away from the crowd when he sang the first song, Conceived Sorrow, and I was shocked at how beautiful his voice was live. His singing was a lot better than I thought it would be live, because I’ve heard that it hasn’t been that good at some concerts, but I thought it was even better than on the cd:s.  His singing was really emotional and you could see the emotions on his face.  

I was really mesmerized at the beginning, since I’ve never seen them live before so it was like a dream come true and I just stood there watching and listening. Then when they started to play Ryoujoku no Ame, I started to cheer and sing a long as I did for the rest of the concert. I liked how Kyo was playing with his voice between some of the songs, it sounded so mystical and his voice was really high pitched at some times.  

As Kyo is my favorite member I watched him mostly, but I did look at the other band members too.  Die, who was standing in front of me, looked a bit tired and not so interested in being there at the beginning, but he was still playing amazingly. But later he climbed up on the right speaker one time and bent down to us. He looked like he was almost falling when we tried to reach him. He also threw his water bottle at me and I got all wet, but I didn’t catch it.  

Die’s hair looked really good, the blond/brown look suits him and Toshiya’s long hair also looked beautiful.  Toshiya looked really concentrated during the concert, it was interesting to watch.  I didn’t see much of Kaoru and Shinya. Kaoru wasn’t doing anything special from what I could see and he was on the other side of the stage, so I didn’t see him that well. Shinya was hiding behind the drums and I only saw him at the end of the concert, when he threw his drum sticks in the audience.

I don’t remember all the songs they played or the order, but some of the best ones were Audience Killer Loop, Dead tree, Mr.Newsman, Grief and the Final. I liked all the songs though, but I missed Obscure, it would have been fun to hear it live.

Kyo was also dancing at some points, clawing at his chest and standing with his arms out looking like a real prophet. It was really beautiful. The last song was Clever Sleazoid and at that time everyone screamed and sang along, it was amazing. At the end Kyo put the “Rape me” water bucket on his head and it was fun to actually see it live.    

I really loved the concert and now I want to see them again! ^_^

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From: tsukigirl
Date: Dec. 24th, 2008 05:15 pm (UTC)

It's ok ^^. Yeah he was so cool! But it's a long time ago now, I really want to see them again T_T! Anyway thanks for commenting in my journal, even if I almost never update it and Merry Xmas! ^__^

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